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Here are some tips and tools for spreading the Green Ribbon message.

Word of Mouse

Send a quick email to friends and family, letting them know how they can take part in online environmental activism. Click here to send a pre-written message to your contacts. feel free to edit the message as you wish, to add a personal touch.

Every email you send is a seed of hope. Plant some today!


At this time, we are not producing ribbons ourselves, but encouraging everyone to make them. So feel free to make ribbons to help spread the word. You can shop at www.therainforestsite.com to order a green ribbon online.

Fact sheets

An overview of the Green Ribbon Pledge (73 KB)

Energy saving tips (73 KB)

Web graphics

Do you have a website? You can use the following graphics when linking to www.greenribbonpledge.org.

  • Green Ribbon Logo small (10 KB)

  • Green Ribbon Logo large (10 KB)

To download the image you've selected, RIGHT-CLICK (Windows) or CLICK-HOLD (Macintosh) and select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..."


Post a Green Ribbon flyer at your church, favorite restaurant, health club, or bulletin board at work.

Green Ribbon Pledge flyer (69 KB)

Email signatures

Spread the Green Ribbon message every time you send an email by adding one of the following signatures:

  • Want to save the The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, prevent future wars over oil, shut down risky nuclear power plants and stop global warming?
    Take the Green Ribbon Pledge:

  • Be part of a united movement towards a safe, secure and sustainable future.

    Take the Green Ribbon Pledge:

  • Ensure energy security, clean air and a stable climate tomorrow by pledging clean and efficient energy use today.
    Take the Green Ribbon Pledge:

Letter to the editor

If you see an article on energy, energy security or any topic that you feel is related to the Green Ribbon message, send a letter to the editor. Below is a sample letter:

Dear Editor,

I am concerned about our country's energy security and global warming problems. Although President Bush and Congress have drafted several plans to secure our energy supply, I feel that they have ignored the most urgent aspects of energy today: clean energy and energy conservation.

There is a new movement called the Green Ribbon Pledge that aims to create a positive, inclusive and united movement towards a safe and sustainable future through raising public awareness of the necessity to conserve energy. By taking the Green Ribbon Pledge, an individual commits to reducing their energy consumption and the green ribbon becomes a symbol of their commitment.

The Green Ribbon Pledge has a positive message designed to get as many people as possible, beyond just environmental groups, to conserve energy. The campaign raises awareness about the need for energy conservation and points to the wide range of detrimental impacts such as global warming, oil exploration and mining of pristine wilderness, caused by our current unsustainable energy practices.

I believe that if our government will not take the steps needed to slow global warming and create a true national security through energy independence, citizens will have to lead the way, and www.greenribbonpledge.org is a great place to start. I urge every concerned citizen to take the pledge, get involved and start securing our future today.