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About the Green Ribbon Pledge

The Green Ribbon Pledge is part of The Hunger Site Network, a family of Web sites dedicated to helping Internet users put the power of the Internet to work in addressing critical issues confronting our world today. Also included in our Network are The Rainforest Site, where a simple click saves an area of endangered rainforest habitat, and EcologyFund.com, a news source and take-action center where online environmentalists can also save endangered wilderness for free.

The Green Ribbon Pledge is a new initiative to "conserve energy for a secure future". By encouraging energy efficiency, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about the need to end our dangerous dependence on fossil fuel consumption and work toward a sustainable future. Conserving energy is the single most important thing we can do to secure our future from the negative effects of unreliable, unsafe and environmentally damaging energy sources.

This moment in time presents a remarkable opportunity for Americans to work together to create a better future. A future in which the air will be clean, ecosystems will be preserved, economics won't depend on pillaging the Earth and wars killing innocent civilians over oil will cease. This is a realistic vision.

A coalition of economists, environmentalists, advocacy groups and concerned citizens have endorsed the Green Ribbon Pledge as a solution to reduce our excessive energy consumption and demand alternatives. Fundamentally, Green Ribbon Pledge strives to spark lifestyle changes that will ripple through America leading to true security that can only be found in smart, safe and sustainable energy sources.

The Problem

Our excessive reliance on fossil fuels feeds not only excessive air pollution, destruction of pristine areas and global warming, it also increasingly contributes to economic and regional instability around the globe. Continued fossil fuel use also contributes to the effects of global warming seen in rising temperatures, altered weather patterns and unseasonable droughts, floods and fires.

Few steps are being taken by our government to confront the inefficient use of fossil fuel based energy and address our need for real security. At this time, American citizens must take energy efficiency and conservation in our own hands.

The Solution

The pervasive dependence on damaging energy sources can be easily confronted by conservation, efficiency and alternative energies. Efficient use of energy is the simplest, most cost-effective and most immediate step toward the reduction of damaging energy sources while renewable energies present positive and viable options. Industrial renewable sources such as solar and wind power, biomass, geothermal and small-scale hydropower are being adopted around the world as the means to confront the growing threat of unsustainable fossil fuel use.

The far-reaching benefits of these solutions include:

  • increasing national security;
  • reducing the trade deficit;
  • creating more American jobs;
  • offering greater fuel diversity;
  • improving our air and water quality;
  • lessening threats posed by global warming;
  • and benefiting the health of all Americans.

The Goal

The Green Ribbon Pledge was created to educate and inspire individuals, families, organizations, companies and officials about the collective power to reduce dangerous energy use and make smart, informed choices about our energy use and alternatives.

The emphasis of the Green Ribbon Pledge is on the power of individual action to create change- the pledge gives each American the opportunity to contribute in a significant way. The public symbol of the green ribbon acts as a visible reminder of the pledge and communicates that individuals are taking action for a more secure future. By taking the pledge online and wearing the ribbon, you can voice your commitment to energy conservation and help spread the word.

The Green Ribbon Pledge is working to create a positive, inclusive and united movement toward a safe and secure future through raising public awareness of the need to conserve energy and establish energy independence. Please join us!

The Website

The Green Ribbon Pledge website was designed by Nicole Sands for Greenpeace.

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